The network of medium-sized cities in Europe

European network – big enough to cope, small enough to care!

We are celebrating 30 years of European cooperation of medium-sized cities this year
and we proudly present our new explanation movie of the Eurotowns network.


City networking – and the important practice with the European network

Eurotowns was established in 1991 as the Europe-wide network for towns and cities with populations between 50.000 and 250.000. Towns and cities of this size play a significant part in the economic and social life of Europe. The Eurotowns network aims to ensure that this fact is properly reflected in the development of European legislation and promotes the interests of medium-sized cities at European level. There are currently 19 cities in membership of Eurotowns.

City networking is an important practice for reinforcing European Cohesion. In addition to being an area of cooperation between communities, participation in such networks enables representation of local government in Europe. It also provides a privilege framework for promoting innovation and exchanging experiences at transnational level.

Eurotowns supports medium-sized cities in Europe to strengthen their role as attractive, inclusive and sustainable places. Furthermore, Eurotowns provides a valuable mechanism for building reliable partnerships, developing innovative and sustainable projects, and effective collaboration on European Union funding applications.

The network structure facilitates productive and mutually beneficial activities focusing on different priorities through thematic Task Teams.

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