Posted on 13. April 2021


  • Strategic location at the South corner of the European Atlantic Arc
  • World Steel Reference Centre
  • Home to one of the largest production plant of ArcelorMittal and several technological centers highly specialicing in materials development, advanced manufacturing and industry digitization
  • Committed to new economic activities based on knowledge, research and innovation
  • Cultural reference city in northern Spain
  • In a privileged setting: having the chance to enjoy the beach and the high mountains in the same day

With a population approaching 80.000, Avilés is a city located in the central metropolitan area of the Principality of Asturias, the sixth largest metropolitan area in Spain. A seaside city on the northern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, the city has grown from its largely industrial roots to encompass a wider economic base. Nowadays, Avilés is a modern and avant-garde city, committed to new economic activities based on knowledge, research and innovation.

Favoured by its excellent geographical location in the European Atlantic Arc, our port has enabled the growth of a thriving mining and steel industry since the 19th century. Nowadays, Avilés is home of one of the largest ArcelorMittal’s plants in Europe, also hosting a significative number of companies focused on providing competitive engineering solutions, products and services for the Renewable Energies, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sectors. Avilés has also attracted large ICT companies and software factories, completing the city’s commitment to the industry of the future.

With one of the best-preserved medieval old towns in northern Spain, Avilés has consolidated its position as one of the new tourist centres in the north of Spain.  The Niemeyer Center, as representative of its vibrant cultural life, is one of the region’s tourist attractions, as well as a symbol of the transformation of the city. Furthermore, its excellent strategic location enables rapid access to lovely beaches for surfing as well as high mountains, providing endless possibilities for leisure and enjoyment of its natural surroundings.



Twin Cities

Saint-Nazaire (France)
San Agustín (USA)
El Aaiún (Western Sahara) Cárdenas (Cuba)


Software and trade

EU - Activities
  • Member of “Atlantic Cities” network
  • Member of Urbact Network “JobTown”
  • Lead partner in the “Atlantic Social Lab” project (Interreg Atlantic Arc)
  • Lead partner in “Z Elements” project (Creative Europe Programme)
  • Partner in “Womarts” (Creative Europe Programme)
  • Partner in “4H Creat” (Interreg Atlantic Arc)
Network objectives
  • Explore mutual learning opportunities
  • Sharing of best practice approaches
  • Act together to influence policy making
  • Generate and implement urban and industry-related joint projects
  • Raise European people awareness about the importance of industry and the challenges ahead for this sector to adapt to a low-carbon economy
Jorge Juan Manrique
European Programmes Coordinator