Posted on 15. Oktober 2018


  • International City with more than 130 nationalities
  • The so called “Capital of Integration” in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • German Sustainability Award 2016
  • Overall Sustainable Strategy for the city
  • World-wide known as the “Klingenstadt” (= City of Blades)
  • Home of 90 % of all cutlery companies in Germany
  • Home of the “Deutsche Klingenmuseum” (= German Museum of Blades)
  • Home of the “Müngstener Brücke”, Germany’s highest railway bridge
  • Germany’s largest trolley-bus network with about 60 km under wire

Solingen is home to about 160.000 inhabitants from more than 130 different nations and part of the metropol region “Rhein-Ruhr” in North Rhine-Westphalia, the western part of Germany. Solingen is one of the oldest industrial and commercial cities in Germany and world-wide known as the “Klingenstadt” (= city of blades). It is unique that the name “Solingen” is protected by law as a registered trademark for high quality cutlery and scissors. To this day 90 % of all cutlery companies in Germany are located in Solingen, and the metal working industry is still highly regarded. The city is also an important location of the galvanic industry, and automotive supply industry and engineering are important sectors, too. Since its establishment in 2015 the city is home to Germany’s strongest network of 3D-technologies. In 2016 Solingen was awarded the German Sustainability Award. The award recognizes local authorities that support the emergence of sustainable, innovative infrastructure in disadvantaged countries. Solingen is committed to a spirit of cooperation of all residents, and with the “Intercultural Master Plan”, which was adopted in 2001, Solingen was one of the first cities in Germany to create a plan with palpable objectives in all fields of integration. A vibrant civil society, a comprehensive cooperation with social welfare associations and with migrant organisations ensure the high quality of this collaboration.



Twin cities

Aue (Germany)
Blyth (England)
Chalon-sur-Saone (France)
Gouda (Netherlands)
Jinotega (Nicaragua)
Ness Ziona (Israel)
Thiès (Senegal)


Cutlery industry
metal working industry
galvanic industry
automotive supply industry

EU - Activities
Network Objectives
  • Sustainable Development / Global Goals
  • Social Inclusion
  • Prevention and fight against poverty
  • Civic participation
  • Education
  • Employment / Labour Market
  • (E-)Mobility
  • Climate protection and climate adaptation
  • Transfer of knowledge and experience
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