Posted on 14. April 2023


  • Birthplace of SAAB Automobile and an important centre for the Swedish aerospace industry
  • 2nd best municipality in Sweden for bicycling (2022)
  • A film metropolis. More than 300 feature films have been shot with Trollhättan as a base and the city even has its own Walk of Fame.
  • The falls and locks are Trollhättan’s most famous landmarks. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists make the pilgrimage here to see the spectacular surroundings.
  • The local festival “Fallens Dagar” is one of Sweden’s oldest city festivals. It attracts around 100,000 annual visitors to Trollhättan.

The City of Trollhättan is located in Västra Götalands County in southwest Sweden. The falls, locks and the river Göta älv that runs right through the heart of the city gives Trollhättan a scenic location close to water and beautiful nature.

In terms of character, Trollhättan is a proud city with great ambitions! Trollhättan has a strong tradition of innovation and manufacturing industry, not least within mobility. Saab was first with its serially produced Turbo, and now other companies are stepping forward to develop the electric cars and mobile solutions of the future.

Trollhättan is also in many ways the heart of the Swedish film industry as Film i Väst, one of the leading film companies in Scandinavia, has its main office and studios in the city.

Welcome to a city bursting with energy and a unique ability to build and grow!


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Film production

  • Eurotowns
  • Sweden Emilia Romagna Network (SERN)
  • Current chairperson in SERN is Gert-Inge Andersson from Trollhättan
  • Long experience from EU-projects


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