Posted on 15. Oktober 2018

Reggio Emilia

  • Citizenship development and participation
  • Innovation in the municipal practices and administration (green innovation along with open data and digital transparency)
  • Urban renewal and regeneration of peri-urban and industrial areas
  • Intercultural dialogue

Reggio Emilia is a city in Northern Italy, located in the Emilia-Romagna Region. The location in the prosperous land of the Po Valley and the renewed tradition of food, cheese and wine products earned its territory the title of Food Valley. The city is one of the most privileged areas in Italy in terms of standard of living and local services. In particular, the city became worldwide famous thanks to its educational services as well as infant-toddler centers and preschools, where the so-called Reggio Approach, landmark in early childhood policy and pedagogy, was born and it is still nowadays experimented.

The economic fabric of the city is mainly characterized by craft industries and small and medium-sized companies. Besides the agri-food sector, the most important sectors are the mechanical industry, ceramics and clothing, clustered in districts spread over its territory. The cooperative systems and social enterprise model are the distinguishing factors that sustained the economic development of the city.

The Municipality main fields of interest lay in local sustainable development and local adaption strategies to climate change, social innovation and intercultural dialogue, local action and policies to support SME competitiveness and internationalization, as well as urban regeneration and renewal. Moreover, the Municipality actively promotes and seeks for partnership in the fields of higher education and student mobility, as well as for vocational education and training mobility.



twin cities

Bydgoszcz (Poland), Chișinău (Moldova), Dijon (France), Schwerin (Germany), Zadar (Croatia), Girona (Spain), Kragujevac (Serbia), Fort Worth-Texas (USA), Polokwane (South Africa), Pemba (Mozambique)

Rio Branco (Brazil), Rizhao (China), Sahara Occidentale Smara Beit Jala and Nablus (Palestine), Ekurhuleni (South Africa)


craft industries
small and medium-sized companies
agri-food sector
mechanical industry
ceramics and clothing

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