Posted on 13. August 2019


  • Medium-sized City  with more than 120 nationalities of which the largest groups are people that came from Roumania, Poland and Afghanistan
  • Largest city of the Midwest, a cooperation between 16 municipalities in the center of West-Flanders
  • Leading location in Flanders on food, agriculture and horticulture: an unique ecosystem on food with the House of Food, Inagro (innovation center on agriculture and horticulture), Agrotopia (the upcoming largest demonstration centre on smart farming on top of the auction), the Auction, Vives (University of Applied Sciences focused on food, care and agro- and biotechnology), secondary education on agro), concentration of vegetable and deep-freeze processing companies, …
  • City of shopping (started after Worldwar 1)
  • Hometown of Brewery Rodenbach (The most refreshing beer of the world)
  • Home of Roularta Media, one of the largest mediaconcerns in Belgium (newspapers, magazines, free newspapers, local television,…)
  • Since 2018 winner of the Publica Award for our public services, winner of the Golden Bit Award for the city as a one service organization, winner of the Smart City Agoria Digital Award for our project “Enhancing traffic security by machine learning”, Silver Dolphin Award during the Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards


Twin cities

Dogbo (Benin)


Food and agriculture
animal feed
second largest inland port

EU – Activities
  • Partner in several European Projects: Like and Bling (Interreg NSR)
  • Partner in several submitted proposals within Interreg, Creative Europe, Horizon 2020, UIA)
  • Co-coordinator of the EU Partnership on Energy Transition
  • Participant in “Het Nieuwe Stadmaken/We make the city” of Pakhuis De Zwijger (Amsterdam)
  • Visitor and participant at several European events
Network objectives
  • Sharing of best practice approaches
  • Sharing knowledge with other cities throughout the partnership
  • Attention for the SDG’s
  • Bringing Europe to our citizens
  • Fostering access to EU funding programmes
  • More attention for medium-sized cities at European level
  • Enhancing innovative thinking in our organization
Gino Dehullu
Strategic advisor and international affairs
+32 498 88 51 86