Posted on 15. Oktober 2018


  • Fast growing with a high quality of life in one of Europes most expansive areas
  • Close to nature and beaches and a broad spectrum of sporting and outdoors activities
  • University, innovation and a logistic hub
  • Home to large number of small and medium-sizes companies in a large variety of industries
  • Culture with art in many forms and a blossoming music and theatre scene

Halmstad has a population of about 100.000. The city is located in one of Sweden’s most expensive regions on the west coast of Sweden in the county of Halland connecting Oslo and Gothenburg with Malmö and Copenhagen. The city of Halmstad is more than 700 years old and is rich in history. Halmstad has a diverse economy with many small and medium-sized businesses. The service sector is prominent, with commerce on the increase. Halmstad’s location has resulted in many companies in the areas of logistics and manufacturing industry choosing to have bases here. The city also has one of Sweden’s biggest ports and a renowned university with 11.500 students learning to become everything from development engineers to nurses. The Swedish armed forces have units based here as well as parts of the national military college. As a regional center, Halmstad is home to the county administrative board, county council and county hospital. Halmstad has many galleries and museums from which to enjoy culture and a blossoming music and theatre scene. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to here every summer to enjoy our beaches, countryside and the wide range of culture and restaurants. The most famous beach is Tylösand, which can have as many as 40.000 guests on a sunny summer day. Sport is important to Halmstad. The city provides many opportunities to watch and play sport.



Twin cities

Gentofte (Denmark)
Hangö (Finland)
Stord (Norway)



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