Posted on 15. Oktober 2018



Key facts about Mölndal


  • Home to Astra Zeneca and other life science businesses
  • In the process of opening a new city centre and develop a totally new neighbourhood from an old paper mill area.
  • Fair Trade city since 2017

Mölndal is a scenic municipality, just south of Gothenburg, with a dynamic economy and an interesting story. Mölndal has approximately 66.000 inhabitants and is the third largest municipality in Västra Götaland County, Sweden.

The city enjoys a strategic location close to major communication routes and the West coast line and the coast to coast path. We are part of the expansive Gothenburg region, including close proximity to Gothenburg Harbor, Göteborg Landvetter Airport and other infrastructure in the form of transport manager. Mölndal has a rich business community with around 500 industries represented – the largest is life science. There are more than 6.600 active companies, and they grow more each year.

The city has more than 5.000 employees working in 10 different administrations. In most places service in the form of primary education, child care and elderly care arewell developed. There is a hospital and several modern medical centers. At the old cultural district, there are many unique environments in Mölndal. Gunnebo House and Gardens and the old industrial neighbourhood around Kvarnbyn are just some of the sights.



Twin cities

Albertslund (Denmark)
Borken (Germany)
Canterbury (England)


Life science
creative industries

EU - Activities
  • Mainly projects within the fields of education, youth influence and integration.
  • Member of Eurotowns
  • Member of SERN
Cecilia Rignell
International Affairs Coordinator
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